A Skin for World Clock

Project Description

I use Anuko World Clock from https://www.anuko.com

I installed Windows 10 on my laptop. World Clock is unreadable in the taskbar. Small and dark.

I need help with adjusting an available skin in World Clock, so that the font is larger, and is more readable. Or, it can be a brand new skin for Windows 10. I use a vertical taskbar on the right hand side.

The documentation says I need to adjust skin.ini file, change parameters in the [font] section. But when I open this file, I see an "Access is denied" error.

Can someone please assist me. Thanks.

Completion Notes

This project was completed as follows:

Usually, in a situation like this, we suggest editing a skin.ini file in an appropriate skin folder in World Clock install directory, and then making a copy of a skin folder with a different name.

There is one issue with this approach. Since Windows restricts access to Program Files, one must run a file editor as administrator to be able to edit the file. This may create a challenge for some users.

The second issue was that, in this particular case, pixel-based font size did not work very well (because of scaling in vertical taskbar on Windows 10?). The font that normally displayed good on other systems, was too small for user.

To solve both problems, we introduced a new skin called "Plain - Bigger Font", which instead used a pt-based font (positive size vs negative size for pixel-based fonts).

Here is our new skin.ini:


And here is how skin looks in a vertical taskbar in Windows:


Thanks for helping me to solve the problem with text size when using Anuko on Windows 10 preview. The size of Anuko was so small that it was impossible to read. I then approached Anuko support and they developed a new skin that solved the problem. I am very grateful for such personal support.

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