Fix a Database Error in PHP App

Project Description

After upgrade of Anuko Time Tracker to version, we see a "Database error" when adding a new client. Need help with troubleshooting and fixing.

Completion Notes

Customer used a hosted Time Tracker with a provider via CPanel access.

Time Tracker application appeared to work fine, with an exception of adding a new client. The application displayed a "Database error" message when attempting to do so. In other words, customer had a functional app but could not add any new clients to the database.

Client addition (client_add.php) function in Time Tracker is executed in ttClientHelper::insert function in ttClientHelper.class.php file, which is located in WEB-INF/lib/ subdirectory of Time Tracker installation root.

During troubleshooting via CPanel, we determined that editing the file in order to output errors produced no result. Further investigation revealed the existence of a duplicate file ttClientHelper.class.php located in the root of the install directory, apparently placed there by mistake. So, what was happening is that another file was attempting to execute the code from another location in the directory tree.

We fixed the error by removing the duplicate file from a wrong location.


I must say that I am very happy with the quick help and the solution I have got.


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