Time Tracker - Review and Organize a Polish Translation File

Project Description

If you are a native Polish speaker, we may need your help in reviewing a Polish translation file for Anuko Time Tracker from https://www.anuko.com

We have a new Polish file, which appears to be of good quality.

We look for someone with fresh Polish eyes, to review the file for accuracy, and also clean it up a bit.

REVIEW: - we need to make sure that the translation is complete and accurate, perhaps improve on some strings where necessary. As strings are used in the user interface in the program, sometimes not only the accuracy, but the length of strings is an important factor.

CLEANUP: the file we have (the one from build is slightly messy in a couple of areas.

1) The Polish file contains some old strings that are no longer in the master English copy. They need to be removed.

2) The order of strings in the Polish file somewhere does not match the English file. We need to re-organize the order to have a perfect match to ease-up maintenance of the file.

You can download the file from the site above, the Polish file is located in WEB-INF/resources/pl.lang.php, the English file to compare it with is at WEB-INF/resources/en.lang.php

Completion Notes

This project is completed. By the time of review (August 22, 2015), everything looks good.

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