Prefabricated House Manufacturer Research

Project Description

I need help locating prefabricated house manufacturers who can custom-design and manufacture a house, deliver parts and assemble everything together in North Vancouver, BC (Indian Arm).

My site requires a custom-made house.

At this time we are in the very beginning of the process trying to understand whether our project is realistic at all.

Specific issues are:

I need help with obtaining initial information from pre-manufactured home builders who are willing to consider our project. Need to understand whether they can design and build such a house, whether they can help with a building permit and variances, and what would be an approximate cost per square foot.

The location of manufacturer is not important. Ideally, we prefer working with someone local with experience in similar projects. With that said, we will also consider remote manufacturers, if they can assist us all the way through the entire construction project. Dealing with the district / obtaining a building permit is an important part of this.

Completion Notes

Customer is apparently facing a complicated project in front of them. If they decide to go ahead with it, one of the critical things to know is a realistic budget for it. Depending on what the approximate cost is, they may further decide whether to go on with house design and construction, or instead focus on improving their financial capability.

Customer considered traditional house design / build process in the past for the same site, unsuccessfully, because of high cost (year 2012 quote from one of the builders was CAD $450 / sq. foot).

Customer is considering a prefabricated house at the moment (year 2015), apparently thinking that pre-manufactured parts in factory can significantly reduce overall cost of the project.

We have found several prefabricated home builders in BC on behalf of the customer. The following ones were contacted by email:

We received a phone number / contact info from all of them quite soon. Then we tried to obtain more or less realistic per-square-foot prices of an average similar project, by email.

This is where a problem arose. With the only exception of Karoleena, all of the above mentioned companies failed to communicate back their prices, or any other relevant information. Apparently, communication with potential customers by email is not their strongest point.

Karoleena, did provide a reply, with a suggested budget $450-$575/sqft, and also a reference point for a barge-delivered home on one of the nearby islands at about $550/sqft.

What does it all mean for the customer? Some more quotes would definitely help here. But assuming $450-$575 is a realistic price range per square foot for their project, then it is no better than the "traditional" original quote.



Kurt: Hi there. I randomly came across your site just now and noticed an error in your summary: the price range we (Karoleena) quoted was inclusive of the driveway, blasting, septic and foundation. This is the reason for such a range. Our larger homes are all in the $275/sqft range from the factory.

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