Modify Invoice Delete Function in Anuko Time Tracker

Project Description

We are looking for an experienced remote PHP coder who can customize an invoice delete function in Anuko Time Tracker so that it deletes its associated time entries.

This PHP app is open source, you can download it from

At the moment, when an invoice is deleted, the time entries contained in it are simply unbound from the invoice. They still show up in reports, etc.

We want an option to delete such entries (both time and expense) from the database.

So, on the invoice_delete.php we want a set of 2 radio buttons, saying:

When user selects "Delete invoice entries" and clicks the Delete button, we want the entries removed from the database.

Completion Notes

This project is completed. Instead of radio buttons, a combo-box was implemented with an option whether to delete or not delete invoice items.

Project Audit Comments

A selected coder provided a reasonable price for the job. Other things were not so good, specifically the quality of a solution:

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